And now it turns out that George Clooney has a secret daughter?

Whoever has felt the abstinence of gossip can finally relax because the summer 2019 gossip could be quite resounding, and these words are enough to reveal it: George Clooney's secret daughter!!!! Truth or not, this...

Lena Dunham poses all naked on Instagram to promote body positivity

"Any negativity that comes your way is just an excuse to love yourself even more, right?", Lena Dunham wrote on Instagram in the caption of a shot where she poses completely naked, sitting on a blanket in what...

Luke Perry is dead, goodbye to Dylan of ‘Beverly Hills 90210’

And another one bites the dust. After Keith Flint, it was Luke Perry's turn! The actor famous for the role of Dylan McKay in the 90s TV series Beverly Hills 90210, hit by a stroke last Wednesday,...
michael jackson

BBC bans Michael Jackson songs in anticipation of the documentary “Leaving Neverland”

Michael Jackson's music has been banned from BBC Radio 2 due to the upcoming release of a documentary "Leaving Neverland" exposing his alleged sex crimes. According to The Sunday Times (UK) the decision was made...
lady gaga

Grammy 2019: Lady Gaga’s speech about mental disorders

The Grammys for Lady Gaga have been a success. With Shallow, part of the film A star is born, the singer has received three awards. And the stage at the Staple Center in Los Angeles was also an opportunity to talk about mental...

Justin Bieber struggling with depression: “I became famous too soon”

Justin Bieber is struggling with depression. To say it is the weekly "People", according to which the popstar is being treated by therapists but also has the support of a pastor and of course his wife Hailey Baldwin, married...
Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty, the Brenda of “Beverly Hills 90210”: “I dream of a child, but...

Shannen Doherty told Health magazine about her long fight against breast cancer. The treatment has led to early menopause and the actress known for the role of Brenda in "Beverly Hills 90120" and Prue in "Witches" no longer has...
Celine Dion: “If you do not like it, leave me alone”

Celine Dion: “If you do not like it, leave me alone”

Have you seen a photo of Celine Dion lately?! I mean, oh dear! What has happened to this all-time diva!? "If you like it, I'm here. If you do not like it, leave me alone....

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