Pharmacies open on Christmas Day 2019

Here is a list of pharmacies open today in Malta and Gozo:

Fibromyalgia: When to suspect it and how to deal with it

Fibromyalgia affects many people, far more than we ever imagined. These are mainly women between 25 and 45 years old. Unfortunately there are still those who make the mistake of considering this picture almost as a...

Hair colour can increase the risk of breast cancer, a study says

It is not unusual to walk in the street and see people with dyed hair, in particular colours or even more colours together. For example, in artistic high schools, where "creativity reigns", it is indeed...

Electric toothbrushes: are they really worth?

The consumers who use it are more and more: we are talking about electric toothbrushes that promise, with constant use, a dazzling smile. But is it really so? Do electric toothbrushes really work? What are the advantages? For years I've...

Pharmacies open today 15.12.2019

Should you need a pharmacy, here is where you can go:

Do not use aluminum to wrap food for children!

Do not use aluminum to wrap food intended for children and pregnant women: this is the alarm raised by the Food Safety Committee (CNSA). According to experts, in fact, this material, present in metal...

A urine test could replace the pap test

Soon, for prevention checks for cervical cancer, the pap test could be replaced by a urine test. An experiment by the University of Manchester, published in the journal Bmj open reports, has shown that it...

Paracetamol in pregnancy and behaviour problems in children

A maxi-study of 14,000 children links the intake of paracetamol in pregnancy with the greatest risk of behavioural problems such as hyperactivity and attention deficit in childhood, especially for boys. Published in the journal Pediatric...

Pharmacies open today 08.12.2019

The list of pharmacies open today in #Malta and #Gozo:

Pediatricians, 30% of children suffer from sleep disorders, ‘do not underestimate them’

Italian children and adolescents do not always sleep soundly. 15% of the youngest, aged 3 to 14, suffer from sleep disorders and this percentage rises to 30% even among children under 3 years old.  This leads...

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