Mum explains she’s choosing her mental health over breastfeeding, and we get it

In a raw and honest Instagram share, one mum has opened up about her choice to not breastfeed her baby on the way, and we support her. Pregnant mum of two, Jessica Hood, shared the...

Is it safe to take medication for mental health during pregnancy?

For women with mental health conditions, the medication they take each day is vital. Not taking that medication is simply not an option. But what about if you want to fall pregnant? Should you talk...

Good news ex-breastfeeding mums! Your pancake boobs MAY not last forever

I have some exciting news. This one is for any ex-breastfeeding mum who is staring with dismay at her deflated balloon boobs in the mirror. Your girls may not be sad and saggy forever! I...

Breast cancer, a new drug saves the lives of 70% of young people

One of the most awaited presentations in Chicago, at the annual congress of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, that of advanced or metastatic breast cancer in young and very young women. In fact, under...

Women shouldn’t bother getting married – they’ll be happier without a husband!

It's true that marriage is not for everybody... or maybe it could be if one finds a person worth enough to spend an entire lifetime with... which would make it sound more like sour...

Mother’s Day: here are the gifts that make a difference

Mother's Day was created to celebrate the most important person in the lives of all of us. It's a day in which we take the opportunity to be together, go on family outings like a picnic...

Hypervigilance stress: this is why mothers are tired

You know, mothers never have a spare moment and at the end of the day they throw themselves exhausted in bed terribly tired. This condition is not given only by the incumbency of so many commitments,...
c-section mum

Her intestine explodes years after the c-section, mother risks her life

Her bowels explodes near the scar of her c-section. Michelle Oddy, 43, suffering from Ilkeston's Crohn's disease, Derbys, woke up one morning and found that her gut had literally exploded, causing faeces and blood to leak out. A...

WATCH: Ashley Judd, “I aborted not to share a child with my rapist”

"I was raped three times and survived." The shocking revelation of Ashley Judd at the 10th Summit Women In The World in New York. Strong words, released without fear to which he added a concept related to...
baby car seat

WARNING: Carrying baby car seats could injure new mums

New mothers are being warned! Lifting and carrying baby car seats can put their postnatal recovery at risk. First-stage seats are heavy and awkward for women left vulnerable after giving birth and can cause or...

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