baby car seat

WARNING: Carrying baby car seats could injure new mums

New mothers are being warned! Lifting and carrying baby car seats can put their postnatal recovery at risk. First-stage seats are heavy and awkward for women left vulnerable after giving birth and can cause or...

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Scientists closer to understanding cause

A common cause of female infertility - polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) - may be due to a hormonal imbalance before birth, researchers have found. PCOS affects up to one in five women worldwide. It...

Tired mothers: how to avoid nervous breakdown

Fatigue, anxiety and nervousness are just some of the symptoms that affect mothers struggling with nervous exhaustion. More and more women find themselves having to deal with a society that requires them to be perfect and omnipresent. They have...

All the benefits of the ‘mumcation’

Being a mother is wonderful, but it can really put you to the test, and requires - sometimes - a little break. That's why, all of us, should take a "mumcation". What is it about?...
postpartum depression

The first specific drug against postpartum depression

A new drug to treat postpartum depression was approved this week by the Food and Drug Administration, the agency that deals with verifying drug safety in the United States.    The medicine is the first of its...
beautiful-cute-face-girls friends

Going out with friends is therapeutic

Now this all the ladies knew about but it is nice to make it official, right? Just in case anyone complains about us seeing our friends often! Well here it goes - Going out...

Stay young without effort: here’s how

What are good habits to stay young without effort? With the right attitude, a low-calorie diet, combined with exercise can make a difference and help to age well, improving the health of hair, skin, heart and muscles in general. To stay...

Abortion in the world, almost half of the interventions are not safe

55 million worldwide every year. Of which almost half - 25 and a half million - is not performed safely. They are worrying figures emerging from a report published in the Lancet and coordinated by dell expert World Health Organization and...
abuse couple relationship

How to recognise an affective manipulator and stay away from him

Many are those who suffer in silence. Many have been through it but have never told their story. Some have survived through it, others are still entrapped. Personal experience has taught me that women...
period menstruation cycle monthly

The diet to be followed during the cycle

Other than bad temper with husbands and boyfriends, the favourite prey of women during the menstrual cycle is food. We are all hungry, but there is a scientific cause: our basal metabolic rate changes on those days of...

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