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From sheets to towels: how often is laundry done?

How often can towels and sheets be used before having to be washed? Philip Terno, microbiologist and pathologist at the New York University School of Medicine, answered the question. Even for the humidity they hold, the towels used every...

WATCH: Gravity, the anti-stress blanket that could help you sleep

A blanket designed to reduce stress and facilitate sleep: it's called Gravity. Its creator is the New Yorker John Fiorentino, who presented the project on the crowfunding website 'Kickstarter '. It is a heavier blanket than usual. In fact, it was designed to represent between...

WATCH: The smart duvet that will make the bed for you

A problem that 'afflicts' most of the population, regardless of age ... Making the bed! But with a little creativity, and with the help of technology, there are those in Montreal, Canada, who have...

A house inhabited by dogs and cats: how to keep it clean and tidy

Those of you who have a dog or a cat know how much fun it is to have them around at home. It does not matter if our four-legged friend is often messy and confusing and most...

Home: Indoor plants that furnish and purify the air

Most people think of indoor plants as a simple piece of furniture. Yet, some research conducted by NASA on the subject has shown that some of them can even improve the quality of the air in...

Housewives: for many it is not a job, in reality it is the most...

There are about 600 thousand housewives involved in domestic incidents. This is revealed by the study "Dangerous Mistakes" by the Anmil (National Association of Wounded and Invalid Workers).  Housewives are performing for about 49 hours a week, the "most dangerous job in the...

Trends: 2019 is the year of wallpaper

The trendy wallpapers and the latest fashion of wallcovering: today become a must have in homes that want to tell a story and that have a vocation of uniqueness and character. Here are some ideas to fill the environment and give a burst of novelty to your home in a...
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Keeping your home tidy and clean: here are 10 useful, simple and effective rules

A clean and tidy house, let's be honest, pleases everyone. Even to people who do not realise, or do not believe in taking note, to live in chaos, and maybe in the dirt. A clean house, of...

Couples: Why does housework bring about quarrels?

The bed to be redone, the dishwasher to be loaded, the shoes forgotten in the middle of the living room... The task of rearranging and cleaning the house is the subject of endless quarrels between couples, and tensions that...

The first London condominium with drone landing strip

Home deliveries operated by flying drones may still seem far from becoming reality. But the new architectural complex of Lyons Place, currently under construction in the west of London, has decided to look hopefully towards the future. Designed by the...

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