Valentine biscuits

Shortbread hearts, the recipe for Valentine’s biscuits at home

Do not waste money going around buying packs of chocolates or biscuits: rather, have fun with our delicious recipe of homemade shortbread hearts. Here then is the recipe for preparing many delicious shortbread hearts at home: INGREDIENTS For the pastry ...

Insurance for solitary hearts

So today's Valentine's Day... While some just couldn't care less about it, whether they are single or in a relationship... others tend to take it quite seriously! And for those who do, there is...

On Valentine’s Day do not forget … kisses!

The kiss is perhaps the first gesture we learn as soon as we come into the world, something unique and special. But the kiss remains the most important manifestation of affection in the course of our life and a fundamental fuse to ignite the...
Love handles

Goodbye love handles!

Other than chocolates, small escapades of love outside the city or candlelit dinners... Nowadays, for some, the most romantic gift is the one that makes them more beautiful... In fact, there are more and more couples who, on the occasion...
UM Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is here, and like every year we risk being overwhelmed by hearts, kisses and hugs. The audience is divided: those who joyfully welcome the opportunity to show their feelings to the beloved by offering gifts,...

The 5 curiosities about Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is the most loved by lovers in the world, even if, in recent years, it has become a purely consumerist occasion and many do not know the meaning behind this day and the...
Forever love

From Kindergarten to the altar!

At just three years he declared his love, promising that he would marry her. After 20 years they became husband and wife. It's the romantic story of Laura and Matt, told by the man in a post posted on Instagram. "Laura and I met...
Animal love

Valentine’s Day, stories of impossible loves between animals

On the eve of Valentine's Day, stories of impossible loves ... between animals. The WWF tells about the loves among animals made impossible or at least more difficult by climate change.  In Antarctica, for years...

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