Why Spotify has sued Apple for unfair competition

Spotify and Apple Music do the same thing. Yes, of course, with the due and profound differences. The first has a so-called freemium version, the second does not. Different settings, logics and details.  93 million paying users for the Daniel Ek...
Jessica Magro Fearless

Jessica Magro – Fearless

Jessica Magro - Fearless Jessica Magro "'Fearless', is about believing in yourself and knowing that you can make your dreams become a reality. We try to plan our lives and assume that everything will be...

Michael Jackson’s body could be ‘EXHUMED’ for DNA tests

Michael Jackson’s body could be removed from his coffin to be examined for DNA evidence. The DNA sample could prove whether or not he was a “serial molester who abused prepubescent, disabled and terminally...
Jessica Magro Fearless

Interview with Jessica Magro

Jessica Magro born 5th February 1990, is a singer based in Malta. In anticipation of the launch of her song and music video exclusively on Unravel Malta on Wednesday 13th March at 6:00pm, we...
compact disks cd

Goodbye to CDs, 40 years after their birth

Music streaming services have changed the way we enjoy music. YouTube, Spotify, Vevo and the like have basically retired compact discs and penalised the downloading of paid music. Only vinyls survived, thanks to fans and collectors. The information...
John Cutajar music piano

Maltese Young pianist makes Malta proud!

The young pianist John Cutajar just won two awards in the international performing arts festival held in London. Cutajar took part in the festival Stars of the Albion and was voted as the best musician...

Keith Flint: Prodigy singer dies aged 49

This is news which we hate to report. Unfortunately, Keith Flint died, the Prodigy singer committed suicide. The vocalist was only 49 years old. The producer and leader of the band Liam Howlett: "Shocked...
Eurovision 2019

Eurovision 2019 – Semi Final Allocation Draw

The allocation draw for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 is now over. Here are the results from the draw. The exact running order will be announced at a later stage. Malta will perform in the 2nd...
Eurovision 2019

Watch Live – Eurovision 2019 Allocation Draw

The Eurovision Song Contest 2019 allocation draw is currently underway in Tel Aviv, Israel [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fstf5D0uXnY] Official Eurovision Song Contest Youtube Channel 
Proudly out of tune

Proudly out of tune

Proudly out of tune? There are thousands of them and they have made their scarce skill a real phenomenon. Lots of people are gathering to show their terrible singing skills together in a new phenomenon...

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