Gianna Nannini: “Except for the heroin I tried all the drugs…”

Of drugs, hired and filed, madness, schizophrenia and physical and sexual inadequacy Gianna Nannini speaks in the autobiography (full of unpublished episodes), published as a cover story by " Vanity Fair", a few days after the launch of...

Breaking news: Jon Ola Sand to step down

Jon Ola Sand, the Eurovision Song Contest’s Executive Supervisor since 2011, has announced that the 2020 Contest will be his last in the role. As work continues on the 65th Contest, the EBU will...

Metallica stops the world tour for Hetfield’s alcohol problems

Metallica announced they had to stop the world tour due to the alcohol dependence of singer James Hetfield. In a note published on the group's social pages, the other three members explain that "our brother...

Latvia participation in Eurovision 2020 uncertain

According to Latvian media (, the budget required for Latvian broadcaster LTV to participate in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest has yet to be agreed upon with just a few weeks before the entry deadline remaining.

Nightwish singer Floor Jansen ‘open to representing Netherlands at Eurovision 2020’

What do you think about the possibility of Floor Jansen representing the Netherlands? If she were to, what sort of song would you like her to bring, a punchy metal anthem or a stately ballad?

Ed Sheeran ‘retires from music’

ED SHEERAN is stepping away from the world of music to spend time with his new wife Cherry Seaborn.

Another 11 women accused Placido Domingo of sexual harassment

Another 11 women accused Placido Domingo, the most famous living opera singer, of sexual harassment after the 9 who had already done so in an Associated Press article released last August 13th. Even these 11 women told their...

Happy birthday, Freddie Mercury!

My first ever memory is still incredibly vivid, though undoubtedly embellished through years of subsequent telling and retelling. I'm in the back of parents' car, we are on our way to somewhere, not sure where,...

VIDEO: Joana Sainz García dead after firework explodes during concert

Tragedy has struck a music festival in Las Berlanas, Spain. Spanish pop star Joana Sainz García has died after an exploding firework struck her during a concert. According to El Diario Montañés, the 30-year-old singer was...

Eurovision Song Contest 2020: Rotterdam to host as dates announced

The Netherlands won the right to stage next year’s event when Duncan Laurence gave his country its first win since 1975 with the song “Arcade” at this year’s Contest in May. The Grand Final of...

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