Spiritual Exercises with Fr Rene’ Camilleri

It's that time of the year again when many look for the ideal spiritual exercise. Those that don't make you nod off to the pint of almost sliding off the chair. We have an...
ash wednesday ritual

Ash Wednesday 2019: Here is the meaning of the celebration

Today, March 6th, 2019, is Ash Wednesday. The ritual of blessing and conscience of Ashes dates back to the tenth century and recalls the fate that awaits all of us. The priest recites in fact the formula: "'Remember man...

Watch: An Indian man saved after he was buried alive

An Indian man was saved a few weeks ago, with rescuers rescuing him from a grave in which he was voluntarily buried for 8 hours in an attempt to be "reborn as a god". Deeraj...

Pope Francis: Catholic priests will forgive abortion

We are not sure what to think about this one... I mean... well, I don't know! We always speak our minds, and honestly I think this is madness... but then again, Religion is all...

Vatican: The shocking book on gay priests

The Vatican? It is Sodom. While in the Vatican, Pope Francis invited Church leaders to the summit to reflect on the abuses of priests, the book Sodoma is published simultaneously in 20 countries and in 8 languages by French journalist...
Holy host

Foreign competition tal-ostja! And no, we’re not swearing!

Looks like all kinds of businesses find it hard at some point to deal with foreign competition. The business of hosts (ostji) is not an exception to the rule! Communion hosts are produced by nuns...

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