Watch: An Indian man saved after he was buried alive

An Indian man was saved a few weeks ago, with rescuers rescuing him from a grave in which he was voluntarily buried for 8 hours in an attempt to be "reborn as a god". Deeraj...
The Pope meets the atheist comedian Stephen Amos

WATCH: Pope Francis “those who reject gay people are inhumane”

Another message during the meeting at the Vatican with British homosexual comedian Amos. Pope Francis is convinced that those who reject homosexuals "do not have a human heart". He said this during a conversation with British...

Pope Francis: Catholic priests will forgive abortion

We are not sure what to think about this one... I mean... well, I don't know! We always speak our minds, and honestly I think this is madness... but then again, Religion is all...

No more crosses in cemeteries: “They offend other religions”

Whilst we battle the issue of whether there should be crosses and other religious symbols in hospitals, schools and other public places... In Bologna protests broke out. after an initiative was launched in Pieve...

Spiritual Exercises with Fr Rene’ Camilleri

It's that time of the year again when many look for the ideal spiritual exercise. Those that don't make you nod off to the pint of almost sliding off the chair. We have an...

Augustinian friar Cardinal and theologian Prosper Grech dies

Photographer for passion and almost for "profession", he was the priest who collected the last confession in June 1963 of the then cardinal of Milan Giovanni Battista Montini before the latter was elected Pope...

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