What’s under the largest crater on the Moon?

There is an anomaly under the largest crater on the Moon. The mysterious metal mass just discovered under the largest crater of the Moon could come from the crash with an asteroid, which occurred about...
Black hole

The first photo of the black hole comes from deep space: it is 55...

The image of the century obtained from radio telescopes scattered all over the world is a "Decisive step to reveal the secrets of the most intriguing object of the cosmos". Here is the picture that...

Three-parent baby born in first ever clinical trial

Three-parent baby born in first ever clinical trial to test the technique: Woman, 32, who had 4 failed IVF attempts welcomes healthy 2.72Kg boy! A woman has given birth to a 'three-parent baby' in the...

NASA is about to open 3 samples from the Moon sealed for 50 years

For half a century NASA has kept a real treasure. But the time has come to reveal it. Three containers of stones, sand and dust collected during the Apollo missions on the moon, deliberately kept sealed so far, will soon...

Cannabis: in recent years it has become more powerful, more expensive, but also more...

If the grass of the neighbor is always greener, the European (psychoactive) herb seems to be more and more powerful. According to a recent study by researchers from the University of Bath and King's College London in ten years cannabis has changed in Europe. The content of...
cannabis plant

Just a week without cannabis to improve memory

Quitting smoking cannabis could improve memory after just one week of abstinence. To show this result, obtained on adolescents and young adults, is a research coordinated by Massachusetts General Hospital, which was published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. The study investigated...

Air pollution causes almost 800 thousand deaths a year in Europe

Every year, air pollution causes nearly 9 million deathsworldwide and almost  800 thousand in Europe alone. These are the data just presented by an international group of researchers, which shows an estimate of the deaths due to pollution, which...

An eye exam to discover the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease

A non-invasive examination of the eye may be enough to identify Alzheimer's early! Now, that's what I call good news! A new imaging technique, to visualise the retina, in fact, could help to recognise the disease and distinguish people who...
plastic to dust

There is a new process that turns plastic into dust

The issue of plastic, its use, its impact on the environment and its possible alternatives is a topic that over the years has become increasingly hot, thanks to a growing awareness of the importance of safeguarding the...
sewage watervideo

Would you drink sewage water converted into drinking water? (Watch video)

A few days ago, on Facebook, we came across a post by Pete Gable asking as follows: “Water is an ongoing problem in Malta. A hydrologist has created a system that turns sewage water...

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