Man who swallowed an AirPod says it still worked in his stomach

You know what’s perfectly normal? Falling asleep while wearing AirPods. You know what’s completely abnormal? Somehow swallowing an AirPod in your sleep. In almost seems implausible, but that’s exactly what happened to a man in...
sleeping box

WATCH: A box to catch up on sleep – Zuckerberg’s idea for his wife

"Here it is, I'll present it to you if an entrepreneur wants to put it on the market." The founder of Facebook unveiled the invention that allowed his wife to recover her sleep after motherhood. Saturday, Zuckerberg...

Facebook, the social becomes private

A faster and lighter Messenger, a commercial catalog for WhatsApp, a restyling for Facebook that will be enriched with the "dating" service, or romantic appointments and the virtual experience of Oculus.  F8 day 1: the...

Whatsapp secret messages: how to send them

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. In the last few days it has even exceeded the Telegram competition, thanks to the introduction of an interesting novelty: secret messages. From this moment conversations will become private and...
apple itunes

Goodbye iTunes, four apps will take its place

Apple is planning the separation and retirement of iTunes which will be divided into several other more specific applications and each dedicated to a specific topic and area. There will in fact be the app for the TV,...

WhatsApp: users become invisible with this method

There are so many tricks that users can use on WhatsApp that by now taking it into account has become really complicated. Many times it happens that some functions are already allowed by default by the app itself, but when they...
disabled ipad

Three-year-old boy plays with his father’s iPad and blocks him for 48 years

No, it's not a video game. It's all true. What the New Yorker journalist tweeted last Saturday happened at his home. Protagonists: his three-year-old son and his (father's) Ipad.  In a desperate attempt to unlock the password and...
special glasses

WATCH: The glasses that make the screen of your mobile only visible to you

It happens to everyone every now and again: we are doing something with the phone, answering a message or using some app, and maybe there is someone close to us with an eye on...
ring heartbeat

WATCH: The ring that makes you feel the heartbeat of your loved one

A new way to stay in touch with your loved one comes thanks to technology, for all those for whom phone, whatsapp and social media are not enough. In fact, a Czech company has...
exhale team

WATCH: The portable breathalyser

How many times were you out enjoying yourself and end up asking yourself - have I had too much to drink? Whilst ideally you shouldn't have been drinking in the first place if you...

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