Moscow air crash

WATCH: Moscow, Aeroflot plane lands in flames, many dead

Various persons dead, including two children, and at least five wounded: this is the tragic balance sheet of the plane crash in Moscow. A Sukhoipassenger plane of the Russian flag company Aeroflot caught fire...

WATCH: Florida, A Boeing 737 ends up on a river

A Miami Air International Boeing 737 ended up off the track in Jacksonville, Florida. The aircraft was a private charter jet from Guantanamo, Cuba, carrying both military and civilians connected in some way to the...
amish uber

WATCH: The “Uber” service with horse and carriage launched by an Amish

In the now overcrowded car sharing market, entrepreneurs strive to innovate by offering unique services. One of these is Timothy Hochstedler from Colon, Michigan, who created a unique "Amish Uber". It is not actually affiliated with Uber,...

Plane loaded with plumbers must return to the ground due to toilet failure

A flight from Norway to Germany had to return to the departure airport due to a toilet problem: a rather ironic situation given that there were 85 plumbers on board.  Norwegian Flight DY1156 from Oslo...
scania buses sweden

Scania Citywide: The first self-driving buses will operate in Sweden from 2020 onwards

In the long journey that leads to autonomous driving, Scania tries to make a leap forward of some length, taking a driver-less bus for the first time on public roads.  This is not an absolute novelty - there are already...

WATCH: Moby, the electric sharing vehicle designed for those who move in a wheelchair

Can the sharing economy applied to urban mobility also embrace the needs of those forced to move around in a wheelchair?  A positive response comes from Moby, the project with which the Italdesign company - as announced during the...
airplane crash

Ethiopian airlines: those 15-second oscillations that accuse Boeing

A strange resemblance unites the recent crash of the Boeing 737 Max of Ethiopian airlines in Addis Ababa, and the incident, again of a 737 Max, of the Lion airlines, which occurred in October in Indonesia. A New York Times report tries...

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