The 5 things to never wear at a wedding

Browsing through Facebook you frequently come across people asking for opinions about what to wear for a wedding, showcasing their wardrobe and asking whether the dress they have is good to wear or not... What...
Divorce papers

The shortest marriage ever: divorce after 3 minutes

There are marriages that last a lifetime. Some go on for years and some unfortunately just for a few months. But what happened in Kuwait is undoubtedly the shortest of 2019, not to mention history! In fact,...
‘Naked’ wedding dresses set to be big 2019 trend

‘Naked’ wedding dresses set to be big 2019 trend

Many brides don't want a traditional white gown, and are instead looking for something which will really make them stand out. Hundreds of women will spend days, weeks, and possibly even months trying to find...

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