After 16 years of divorce, she discovers that she is still married!

Divorced sixteen years ago, she discovers she is still married. Poor her! I can just imagine the look on her face when she discovered the whole ordeal! She was planning her wedding with the new partner......

How to choose the perfect wedding rings? The steps to follow

Your wedding is approaching, the choice of the wedding dress was a difficult and beautiful choice, as was the whole organisation of the wedding: catering, location, guests, cake, flowers and church. Everything seems to...

The 5 things to never wear at a wedding

Browsing through Facebook you frequently come across people asking for opinions about what to wear for a wedding, showcasing their wardrobe and asking whether the dress they have is good to wear or not... What...

Converse is selling a wedding collection for brides and grooms

On your wedding day, you can be on your feet for hours. Between getting ready, the ceremony and then dancing the night away at the reception, wearing heels for that long might give you...

WATCH: Grandmother falls into the pool during the wedding

You take months or even years preparing for your big day... everything is going according to plan... then during a wedding ceremony the grandmother, dressed very elegantly, walks by the pool but does not...

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