Veggie Stuffed Pizza Twists Blog 1 Of 1

Veggie stuffed pizza twists (Malji tal-pizza bil-ħaxix)

Veggie Stuffed Pizza Twists the perfect alternative to pizza! With veggies and 2 types of cheese. Crunchy on the outside, quick and easy meal. INGREDIENTS (INGREDJENTI) pizza dough (għaġina tal-pizza) 1 cup chopped...
Chocolate Cake

Egg whites and chocolate cake: the light recipe without added fat

An ideal recipe when cooking egg yolk dishes and you don't know what to do with egg whites, no added fat, the cake with egg whites and chocolate does not use butter and milk and it is...
Kiwi Smoothie 2

Kiwi smoothie, the recipe of a perfect natural remedy to avoid colds

Rich in vitamin C, fiber, mineral salts and precious antioxidants... kiwi is a perfect fruit to start the day with the right energy and vitality, as well as an excellent natural remedy to strengthen the immune system without resorting to drugs. So many...
Lemon Cake

Lemon cake: the recipe for a soft, fragrant and really delicious cake

With a delicate, very fragrant and very soft taste, the lemon cake is perfect to start the day in the right way, in a healthy and genuine way, even better if accompanied by an orange...
12 Spoon Cake

The 12-spoon cake: a quick recipe for a simple and genuine breakfast

You have little time available but don't want to give up the pleasure of having breakfast or a snack with a good homemade cake? Here is the recipe for you: the 12-spoon cake. Quick to prepare, the...
Pork Roll Ups

Pork roll-ups (Braġjoli tal-majjal)

These Pork Roll-Ups, are tender thin (but not too thin) slices of pork rolled with shredded spinach and a slice of a mild to medium cheese. Dredged lightly in flour and cooked in olive oil...
The Alternative Meat Of The Russian Startup Greenwise (Image: Greenwise)

From stem cells to 3D printing: the recipes for “alternative” meat from 4 startups

What do we talk about when we talk about alternative meat? To find out, just take a tour of the Seeds & Chips stands, the 4 days dedicated to innovation applied to food, until May 9th at the...
comic bar

WATCH: The bar that makes you “get into a comic book”

Do you know the A-ha song "Take on Me"? This 1986 song is also famous for his decidedly innovative music video for the time: the main character entered the pages of a comic strip that...

Scientists find cocaine in shrimps in UK rivers

Scientists found cocaine in freshwater shrimps when testing for chemicals in UK rivers. Researchers from King’s College London, working with the University of Suffolk, tested at 15 sites across Suffolk and found cocaine at all...
pret a manger

Pret A Manger to label all ingredients after allergy deaths

Pret A Manger said it would move to fully label all ingredients in its soups, salads and other products as it looks to win back consumer trust after two people died from allergic reactions...

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