Risotto With Pumpkin and Mushrooms

Risotto with pumpkin and mushrooms

If you're the person in the house responsible to cook dinner, am sure that you often complain that you have no idea what to cook. I know I do! And if you do not,...

Apple teething biscuits recipe

Homemade teething biscuits are easy to prepare. Just follow the recipe below for apple teething biscuits. You will also find a link to 2 other teething biscuits recipe at the bottom... INGREDIENTS ...

Dream job alert!

Cadbury is hiring people to taste chocolate like Dairy Milk and Oreo for $14 an hour!!!!!! Dream job much!? I mean, are we understanding this right? You could get paid to eat chocolate!!! The makers...

The Kinder fingers pie

This one's for all the Kinder fingers lovers! We might be in our thirties, but we love our Kinder fingers... We will call this one - The Kinder fingers pie! INGREDIENTS FOR FROZEN PASTA  • 300 g...

WATCH: The restaurant where you can eat completely naked

It's called "O 'Naturel" and, as one can easily imagine from the name itself, it is a nudist restaurant in France. To hide the guests of the place from the looks of passers-by, a white...
Valentine biscuits

Shortbread hearts, the recipe for Valentine’s biscuits at home

Do not waste money going around buying packs of chocolates or biscuits: rather, have fun with our delicious recipe of homemade shortbread hearts. Here then is the recipe for preparing many delicious shortbread hearts at home: INGREDIENTS For the pastry ...

Chorizo Egg Skillet

Here’s a flavourful and exciting way to start your day! Chorizo, eggs, tomatoes and arugula are the star ingredients in this protein filled breakfast skillet. Feel free to enjoy it for dinner or lunch...

Homemade sofficini, the simple recipe to prepare with children

We see them advertised on television and sold in supermarkets. They are quick to cook and kids just love them. Sometimes they aren't that full and it feels like you're not getting your money's...
Quiche with smoked salmon

Quiche with smoked salmon

Quiche what a passion! And this smoked salmon quiche so incredibly easy to make and is a real treat. Rich, tasty recipe that will become a favourite! INGREDIENTS • 250 g of brisée pastry • 150 g of gruyere...
Bakes broccoli tater tots

Baked broccoli tater tots

Something so delicious and healthy is a win win right? Especially when they are so fast and easy to make. Nice and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. And all the...

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