Gin And Tonic

Drinking gin and tonic can help you burn calories faster

Drinking gin and tonic can help you burn calories faster. It seems incredible considering we are still talking about alcohol. But according to scientists, the effects of gin are excellent for our metabolism. Obviously if used with caution. Researchers have recently...
Kiwi Smoothie 2

Kiwi smoothie, the recipe of a perfect natural remedy to avoid colds

Rich in vitamin C, fiber, mineral salts and precious antioxidants... kiwi is a perfect fruit to start the day with the right energy and vitality, as well as an excellent natural remedy to strengthen the immune system without resorting to drugs. So many...

The most expensive whiskey bottle in the world: 200,000 dollars

It was a Chinese businessman who won a bottle of "Dalmore 62", a 62-year-old whiskey, for a record 250,000 Singapore dollars, about 200,000 US dollars. The bottle, part of a limited edition of just 12,...
garlic coffee

Coffee made exclusively of garlic

When thinking about coffee alternatives, garlic is probably one of the last things that comes to mind, but it is exactly the ingredient that a Japanese inventor used to create a drink that would...
wine beer

Beer flavoured wine

The intention of those who created it might probably solve the doubt of those who do not know how to choose between wine and beer. We are talking about a wine whose taste would...
Refreshing beverages

Refreshing drinks: two recipes to fight the heat and stay healthy

Especially during the summer, drinking lots of water during the day, avoiding excesses, is not only good for health but also for our beauty. It helps us to fight water retention and therefore cellulite,...

Spanish winery invents “wine-flavoured water” (which does not get you drunk)

A winery in the Spanish region of Galicia has recently presented a wine-flavoured water that allows consumers to taste the taste of red or white wine without having to worry about getting drunk or...
Coca Cola

Coca-Cola is working on a new energy drink

More caffeine, and with the addition of guarana extracts, to give a burst of even more intense energy. The colossus of Coca-Cola drinks would be working on a new energy drink that could arrive on the market this year, probably starting...
Golden milk

Golden milk, to live longer. The recipe and benefits of golden milk; prepared with...

A drink with a thousand virtues, known since ancient times - The golden milk. It is prepared with turmeric, vegetable milk and almond oil. The beneficial properties of turmeric are enhanced by the rest of the ingredients. The drink, if taken...

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