baked chicken with beer

Baked chicken with beer

The baked chicken with beer is one of the main dishes with which you can be sure to be safe. It is easy to prepare and is highly successful thanks to the delicate taste of white meat that becomes pleasantly aromatic after...
spaghetti sea urchin

Pasta with sea urchins (Għaġin bir-rizzi)

Pasta with sea urchins... if you have never tasted it, you are missing out on a dish that captures the taste of the Mediterranean sea. It is easy to make once that you have collected...
qaqocc mimli unravelmalta

Stuffed artichokes (Qaqoċċ mimli)

A typical Maltese dish to enjoy with some Maltese bread! We tend to cook this during lent in our family. There are many variants of this recipe. Some use a parsley filling, others use...
fennel soup

Fennel soup, a detox recipe, nutritious and healthy, from scraps and leftovers

Let's see together how to prepare this healthy detoxifying soup: INGREDIENTS 500 gr of external leaves of fennels and stems (including green part) 2 shallots 4 slices...
Chocolate Cake

Egg whites and chocolate cake: the light recipe without added fat

An ideal recipe when cooking egg yolk dishes and you don't know what to do with egg whites, no added fat, the cake with egg whites and chocolate does not use butter and milk and it is...
Quick creamy chicken and sweet potato bake

Quick creamy chicken and sweet potato bake

This family friendly bake is layered with chicken, sweet potato and topped with cheddar cheese. INGREDIENTS 1.1kg sweet potatoes, peeled, cut into 5mm-slices 300ml Bulla Creme Fraiche ...
vegetable sausage roll

Get the kids to eat their vegetables in these tasty sausage rolls.

We all know how difficult it could be to convince children to eat their vegetables. It takes a lot of imagination, and here is some help for you... the veggie sausage rolls!  INGREDIENTS ...
Quiche with smoked salmon

Quiche with smoked salmon

Quiche what a passion! And this smoked salmon quiche so incredibly easy to make and is a real treat. Rich, tasty recipe that will become a favourite! INGREDIENTS • 250 g of brisée pastry • 150 g of gruyere...

Imqaret: A traditional Maltese delight!

Imqaret, a traditional Maltese delicacy. It's basically a sweet made with pastry and a filling of dates diamond shaped – even though in many cases they are sold in a rectangular shape. I love them...

WATCH: The pasta that makes you lose weight – Shirataki Noodles have 10kcal per...

How many of you had to give up pasta at least partially during a diet because it was too high in calories? Let's face it, 60 gr of white penne do not give us great satisfaction... And if we told you that...

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