bħal fil-forn unravelmalta

Vegetable casserole (Bħal fil-forn bil-ħaxix)

It is a typical Maltese dish made with vegetables and simmered in a pot; but it seems as if it was baked in the oven - that is why it is called Bħal fil-forn. It...
qaqocc mimli unravelmalta

Stuffed artichokes (Qaqoċċ mimli)

A typical Maltese dish to enjoy with some Maltese bread! We tend to cook this during lent in our family. There are many variants of this recipe. Some use a parsley filling, others use...


This recipe is a go-to in our household when we do not know what to cook, or we have absolutely no time to cook something elaborate. A simple yet tasty recipe and we love...

WATCH: The restaurant where you can eat completely naked

It's called "O 'Naturel" and, as one can easily imagine from the name itself, it is a nudist restaurant in France. To hide the guests of the place from the looks of passers-by, a white...
pumpkin pie

Traditional Maltese pumpkin pie (Torta tal-qargħa ħamra)

This food reminds me of my childhood. My aunt used to do it and bring it over to grandma's house, where I got to taste it for the first time. My mother did not...
stuffed aubergines

Stuffed aubergines (Brunġiel mimli)

Aubergines were never our favourite vegetable, but one way we would eat them is the traditional Maltese way - stuffed with mince! Everything was tastier with meat, and we still love them! We have seen...


Easter is quickly approaching and we all know, there's no Easter without a good figolla. While most of us have our favourite shop from where to buy them, others prefer baking their own. We...
ftira ghawdxija

Gozitan Ftira (Ftira Għawdxija)

Let's be honest... how many of you go to a certain place in Gozo to get your favourite Gozitan Ftira? I know we do! Normally just before leaving Gozo... and we end up eating...
Cauliflower stew

Cauliflower stew (Stuffat tal-pastard)

This is a dish that reminds me of my grandmother. She used to cook it no matter the weather. Was not a favourite childhood dish but it brings back fond memories. Cauliflower is the...

Maltese pork soup (Kawlata)

Personally we are not fans of eating pork and so this is not our favourite soup, but nonetheless, it is an excellent tasting dish for those wintry cold days. The main vegetables in this...

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