Baked Macaroni (Imqarrun il-forn)

Baked macaroni is a traditional Maltese food consisting of pasta with sauce cooked in the oven, combined with eggs and cheese. You will find many variations, according to each family recipes, for example, there...

(Widows’ soup) Soppa tal-armla

When the weather outside is cold, we all kinda long for some warm plate on our table that will warm our body and soul. The widows' soup is a classic Maltese dish that always...
cassata siciliana

Sicilian Cassata, the recipe for making it at home!

A historic dessert. The small Sicilian cassata dates back to the Arab domination, and despite some variations it has had over the centuries, remains one of the favourite desserts of many, especially during Easter lunches. Here is...
Refreshing beverages

Refreshing drinks: two recipes to fight the heat and stay healthy

Especially during the summer, drinking lots of water during the day, avoiding excesses, is not only good for health but also for our beauty. It helps us to fight water retention and therefore cellulite,...
kusksu soppa unravelmalta

Broad bean and pasta soup (Kusksu)

This dish was never one of our favourite when growing up, but gradually we have acquired the taste and the dish has become a staple one in our household. It's a dish which many...


Easter is quickly approaching and we all know, there's no Easter without a good figolla. While most of us have our favourite shop from where to buy them, others prefer baking their own. We...
starbucks coffee

Starbucks at Valletta Waterfront?

Looks like something's brewing (pun intended!). There are rumours going around that Starbucks will be opening its first cafeteria in our country at the Valletta Waterfront. Does that make you feel excited?! Mmmmm we...

Breaded zucchini stuffed with cheese

The breaded courgettes stuffed with cheese enclose a stringy provolone heart and are fried. Crunchy on the outside and soft inside these breaded courgettes flavoured with oregano are a tasty meal! INGREDIENTS • 6 courgettes • 200 g of provolone • 2 eggs • breadcrumbs • flour • fresh oregano •...
bħal fil-forn unravelmalta

Vegetable casserole (Bħal fil-forn bil-ħaxix)

It is a typical Maltese dish made with vegetables and simmered in a pot; but it seems as if it was baked in the oven - that is why it is called Bħal fil-forn. It...
Noyeast Pizza Pic 1 Of 1

No yeast pizza Caprese (Pizza Caprese bl-għaġina bla ħmira)

Summer and high temperatures are fast approaching so here is the perfect summer dish. Easy Caprese No Yeast Pizza Dough - the perfect no yeast pizza, topped with a yummy Caprese mix of fresh...

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