Easy, wholesome homemade mayonnaise

This super-easy mayonnaise is so much better tasting and better for your health than the prepared mayo you buy in the store. Seriously! Once you make this you will never go back! You can experiment...
french baguette bread home baked

French baguette, the recipe to prepare it at home with the magic touch of...

If you love bread, I bet you love the French baguette. Soft, pleasant to eat both sliced ​​and to make croutons or sandwiches. It's easy, very easy, to prepare at home, if you follow our recipe. INGREDIENTS (for 10 baguette) ...

Vegan tiramisu with mango and papaya

Who said vegan is boring?> Here is one recipe that definitely is anything but boring! We dare you to try it out whether you're vegan, vegetarian or none of the two! INGREDIENTS • 130 g of...
fennel soup

Fennel soup, a detox recipe, nutritious and healthy, from scraps and leftovers

Let's see together how to prepare this healthy detoxifying soup: INGREDIENTS 500 gr of external leaves of fennels and stems (including green part) 2 shallots 4 slices...

Shrimp stuffed avocado 

This shrimp stuffed avocado was so delicious served with some crusty Maltese bread or why not with a salad? INGREDIENTS 1 avocado 7 ounces small shrimp cleaned frozen or fresh ...

How to make children eat vegetables: the recipe for the funny omelette

Children... you know, are not particularly fond of vegetables, but to feed our children all that is green and healthy is not that difficult. Just finding the right way to present it intelligently and above all...
12 Spoon Cake

The 12-spoon cake: a quick recipe for a simple and genuine breakfast

You have little time available but don't want to give up the pleasure of having breakfast or a snack with a good homemade cake? Here is the recipe for you: the 12-spoon cake. Quick to prepare, the...

Chorizo Egg Skillet

Here’s a flavourful and exciting way to start your day! Chorizo, eggs, tomatoes and arugula are the star ingredients in this protein filled breakfast skillet. Feel free to enjoy it for dinner or lunch...

5 ideas to recycle the panettone

Christmas is way over by now but some of us, including myself still have some Panettone left. It's a waste to just throw it away, right? Here you will find five ways of 'recycling'...
baked calamari rings

Baked squid rings

Squid is a tasty main ingredient. The operation that may appear to be more complex is cleaning; but you can have that done by your fishmonger. In reality the recipe is very simple, fast thanks to a 15-20 minute baking...

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