Greek-inspired meatballs with avocado Tzatziki sauce

Two great things that go great together! Despite the long list of ingredients, these recipes are SO EASY to make – just toss them together and prepare! These meatballs make a great snack, and you’ll...

How to prepare bigilla dip for your next BBQ!

One of the best things about Summer is meeting up with friends, everyone bringing along their favourite summer dish for that much awaited BBQ. If you have no idea what we are talking about,...

Warm apple salad

Enjoy this as a side dish. It also makes a delicious breakfast if you add organic chicken sausage. INGREDIENTS (Makes 4 servings) 4 to 5 cups loosely packed spinach or spring mix salad...

Gluten free potato gnocchi

The gluten free gnocchi, is healthy and nutritious dish. The gnocchi are prepared in a few minutes and with easily available ingredients, replacing the wheat flour with the rice flour. INGREDIENTS • 900 g of potatoes • 300 g...

Gluten-free sandwich bread

Ideal for preparing sandwiches, this bread can also be enjoyed during meals. It is however better to consume it during the day, because it tends to become stale quickly.  You can flavour it to taste...

Gluten free pastry

This is the basic recipe for gluten-free short pastry, a preparation suitable for making biscuits, pies or bases of other baked cakes. Follow the recipe step by step and remember to roll out the dough with a rolling...
gf pasta

Gluten-free egg pasta

A recipe of gluten-free egg pasta easy to make and with simple ingredients to find. Ideal for preparing tasty gluten free first meals. Follow the simple steps of the recipe and experiment with tagliatelle, lasagne, cannelloni, tagliolini... A very...

Manuel’s Gluten free and Lactose free figolli

Yesterday we share Manuel's famous figolli recipe. Today we will be sharing his GF and LF version of the figolli. With this recipe you should be able to make 2 large or 3/4 small figolli. Recipe...

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