spinach tuna pie ton'y foods

Spinach and tuna pie (Torta tal-ispinaċi u t-tonn)

Pies! We're in love with them! We'd eat pies everyday if needed be! We don't know about you but we have been raised up with drinking tea with pies! Strange combination for some but...

Manuel’s Gluten free and Lactose free figolli

Yesterday we share Manuel's famous figolli recipe. Today we will be sharing his GF and LF version of the figolli. With this recipe you should be able to make 2 large or 3/4 small figolli. Recipe...
chef manuel figolli

Manuel’s Traditional Figolli – (Il figolli ta’ Manuel)

Easter is fast approaching, and one recipe seems to be very popular and highly requested among many. Chef Manuel, we have never tried your recipe, but if everybody likes it so much, we are more...
pudina hobż

Bread pudding (Pudina tal-Ħobż)

This one's a favourite in our household - Pudina!!!! Delicious, easy and pretty cheap to make... and undoubtedly heartwarming with a cup of tea. As with every other traditional Maltese recipe, there are various variants...

Baked Macaroni (Imqarrun il-forn)

Baked macaroni is a traditional Maltese food consisting of pasta with sauce cooked in the oven, combined with eggs and cheese. You will find many variations, according to each family recipes, for example, there...
bhal fil form living without g

Braised pork and potato casserole (Bħal fil-forn)

We have published the vegetarian twist on this dish already. Today we are back with the original traditional version. As we mentioned before, Bħal Fil-Forn means ‘Like in the Oven’.  Basically it is layered pork chops,...
kusksu soppa unravelmalta

Broad bean and pasta soup (Kusksu)

This dish was never one of our favourite when growing up, but gradually we have acquired the taste and the dish has become a staple one in our household. It's a dish which many...

Lampuki Pie (Torta tal-lampuki)

Fish has always been popular in Malta, being an island where fish is relatively easy to come by in its surrounding waters. You’ll be able to find all sorts of local fish served fresh daily...
bħal fil-forn unravelmalta

Vegetable casserole (Bħal fil-forn bil-ħaxix)

It is a typical Maltese dish made with vegetables and simmered in a pot; but it seems as if it was baked in the oven - that is why it is called Bħal fil-forn. It...
qaqocc mimli unravelmalta

Stuffed artichokes (Qaqoċċ mimli)

A typical Maltese dish to enjoy with some Maltese bread! We tend to cook this during lent in our family. There are many variants of this recipe. Some use a parsley filling, others use...

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