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Traditional Maltese Recipes

How to prepare bigilla dip for your next BBQ!

One of the best things about Summer is meeting up with friends, everyone bringing along their favourite summer dish for that much awaited BBQ. If you have no idea what we are talking about,...
chef manuel figolli

Manuel’s Traditional Figolli – (Il figolli ta’ Manuel)

Easter is fast approaching, and one recipe seems to be very popular and highly requested among many. Chef Manuel, we have never tried your recipe, but if everybody likes it so much, we are more...
pudina hobż

Bread pudding (Pudina tal-Ħobż)

This one's a favourite in our household - Pudina!!!! Delicious, easy and pretty cheap to make... and undoubtedly heartwarming with a cup of tea. As with every other traditional Maltese recipe, there are various variants...

Baked Macaroni (Imqarrun il-forn)

Baked macaroni is a traditional Maltese food consisting of pasta with sauce cooked in the oven, combined with eggs and cheese. You will find many variations, according to each family recipes, for example, there...
pumpkin pie

Traditional Maltese pumpkin pie (Torta tal-qargħa ħamra)

This food reminds me of my childhood. My aunt used to do it and bring it over to grandma's house, where I got to taste it for the first time. My mother did not...
ftira ghawdxija

Gozitan Ftira (Ftira Għawdxija)

Let's be honest... how many of you go to a certain place in Gozo to get your favourite Gozitan Ftira? I know we do! Normally just before leaving Gozo... and we end up eating...

Maltese pork soup (Kawlata)

Personally we are not fans of eating pork and so this is not our favourite soup, but nonetheless, it is an excellent tasting dish for those wintry cold days. The main vegetables in this...
qaghaq ta' l-ghasel

Treacle Rings (Qagħaq ta’ l-għasel)

Treacle Rings (Qagħaq ta' l-għasel) are traditional Maltese sweets that have been around for many years. Traditionally this was a treat for the Christmas season; but as the years rolled by, it soon become...

(Widows’ soup) Soppa tal-armla

When the weather outside is cold, we all kinda long for some warm plate on our table that will warm our body and soul. The widows' soup is a classic Maltese dish that always...
maltese bread

Maltese bread recipe

The hotter the weather gets, the more we find ourselves thinking about a good cut of Maltese bread with tomatoes, olives, tuna and whatnot! It's easy to just go buy bread, but today we will...

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