Have you seen a photo of Celine Dion lately?! I mean, oh dear! What has happened to this all-time diva!? “If you like it, I’m here. If you do not like it, leave me alone. ” Celine Dion, it is appropriate to say, sings to the haters who are criticising her these days. The reason? The excessive thinness and the new alleged boyfriend, the 33 year old Pepe Munoz .

In 2016, Celine Dion became a widow, after a lifetime with René Angélil, husband and father of her three children passed away. Now, Celine Dion seems to have finally found a bit of serenity. Habitué of the Parisian haute couture fashion shows, the music star was in the front row at all the shows. At her side, Pepe Munoz, a beautiful dancer and Spanish illustrator, that Dion simply defines his best friend.

From Valentino to  Alexander Vauthier to Ronald Van Der Kemp, Celine Dion and Pepe Munoz did not miss a trendy appointment. Dressed in nuances, from beige to black to gray, the pair certainly did not go unnoticed. And the criticisms for the outfit choices were not long in coming. “Now I have the opportunity to wear haute couture and things that make me feel beautiful, strong, fearless and attractive … even just for myself. You can not keep everyone happy all the time”, said 50-year-old Celine Dion proudly, silencing everyone.

So… what’s more alarming? Her new fashion sense or her appearance?