Every woman, regardless of weight, finds herself fighting it – cellulite. Dr. Francesco Madonna, a specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery of the Spheramed Centers present in Rome and Lazio, clarifies differences between various imperfections and strategies to combat them. 

Francesco MadonnaCellulite and excess fat: are we talking about the same thing? 
No: excess fat is an alteration of the silhouette, with the formation of roundness on the body (belly, thighs), while cellulite is an inflammatory process that determines the effect of orange peel, which is cured in another way, with other strategies. In short, a pathology.

What are the really effective tools today? 
There are various instruments but not always effective; surely a device that today offers guarantees is called a guided subsicion, capable of lifting the skin with a single session of an hour and then smoothing it, thus curing the blemish with great impact. The method has been scientifically approved by the US FDA 

What can be done to contain this tissue alteration?
Follow a lifestyle that avoids a sedentary lifestyle, eat a Mediterranean diet and avoid smoking. In other words, prepare for prevention. Certainly it is a widespread phenomenon.