Thanks to running, Federico Mancin, better known on Instagram as runner_extralarge, lost 35 kilos and took his life back into his own hands. In his book, and on his social media profiles he explained his awareness journey. 

He has lately taking part in his first half marathon – 21.0975 kilometers. For him a dream, if he thinks back to the first time he went running for the first time, 35 kilos ago. “I completed just 100 meters, but I was determined to get out of the spiral I was in,” says Federico, 34, with a small daughter, a wife, a job and a life like many others. His in fact is an extraordinarily common story.

“Until 2010 I practiced sports, then the responsibilities of life as a parent, work, home, commuting to and fro have prevailed over my physical form and also my health. I found myself weighing 123 kilos and with a state of growing anxiety,” he says. A life like many others, a discomfort in which many are currently found, judging by the number of people who daily contact Federico to ask him for advice on how to get out of the spiral of inactivity and depression.

“I always refer them to specialists, such as psychologists and nutritionists. But I realise that mine can be everyone’s story. That’s why I wanted to write it in a book,” he says. So he wrote a book with the intention of helping those like him who are now in trouble.


“I gave myself a goal and I found the time to devote to it in everyday life. I have a job like many others, I finish at 6pm and I commute. It was all a matter of becoming aware. I was convinced that I already had the time to get back in shape. It had to be stolen somewhere: a little to sleep, a little to the couch, a little to the lunch break. After all, the type of training I do takes 4 hours a week. I run in the morning, in the evening, during the weekend. I no longer find excuses: I leave home and go home. I don’t know why before I used to say that I really couldn’t.”


“I say we set goals, even small ones, and consolidate them. The first time I ran 100 meters I weighed 115 kilos. It was July and I was on vacation with my wife. I returned to the bungalow – exhausted – and joined the October 10th Deejay Ten. The idea of ​​running was far away then. But I was willing to finish those 10 kilometers in any way. Keep in mind that for a very long time I have only walked”.


“My family, of course, and my friend Stefano. He was my coach. When I look at the photos of the two of us at the finish line of the first races I am still moved. And then I have to thank the doctors who followed me: my GP, the neurologist and the cardiologist. According to them I was not using my energies well. They advised me to take time for me to walk, run or ride a bike. But at the time it seemed too simple a solution. Because in the end you always think you have problems that are too complex for the solution. And instead they were right”.


“Complete the half marathon and then who knows, run 25, 30 and the marathon in 2020. We must try to do better and better. And then from my experience I realised that I could do something for others. In my dreams, in addition to the marathon, there is that of creating a group of walks and running for those who have never done it and do not find the strength to start by themselves”.