As of today, the period of the disease the medical certificate to the Department of Social Security is extended by one week (seven days) for two weeks (14 days). Yippie!

medical certificate

In a statement, the Ministry of Social Solidarity said that a person who is unable to attend work due to medical reasons, can ask the doctor to issue a medical certificate declaring that he or she is incapable of work for a maximum of 14 days per certificate. 

The Ministry announced that this is a simplification measure aimed to further reduce the extra hassle of the public who had to keep going back and forth tto the doctor every week to renew their medical certificates.

The Minister for Social Solidarity Michael Falzon said that it is hoped that through this measure, persons who are unable to attend work due to illness, will no longer be required to submit a certificate to the Social Security Department weekly when the disease is certified to exceed seven days.

The Minister said that it is also expected that this measure will considerably reduce the hassle of the public to submit these certificates at the District Offices of the Social Security Department or regional hubs of agency.

Kudos to this!