The series of masterpiece HBO devoted to the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl would have led to the suicide of Nagashibay Zhusupov, one of the heroes liquidators of the reactor.

The man, in fact, would have taken his life at the age of 61 following the vision of the drama, which made him relive those nightmarish years and the humiliations he had suffered.

Zhusupov in 1986 intervened in first person to limit as much as possible the radiations of the number 4 reactor of the plant, after its own explosion. He, who was one of the heroes of the disaster, had also been denied by the state the popular housing, which had instead been assigned to the other veterans, forcing him and his family to settle in a dormitory. Zhusupov committed suicide by throwing himself from the fifth floor of a building in Aktobe in Kazakhstan.

“For years he fought his struggle for an apartment by legal means. The last time I saw him, he was very sorry. I think he killed himself in desperation after he never got that apartment,” the words by Bakitzhan Satov, president of the association that brings together the Chernobyl liquidators, as reported by the Daily Mail.