Will you be hosting Christmas lunch this year? Here goes a dessert which will keep your hearts warm and your bellies full. Healthy and full of taste…


400g dried chestnuts
25g drinking chocolate
75g sultans
100g sugar
a pinch of cinnamon
a pinch of clove
zest an orange
zest of a lemon
750g sweet pastry


  • Cover chestnuts with plenty of water for 10 hrs.
  • Place the chestnuts in a pan, add water and simmer until soft.
  • Pass them through a sieve, so the water will pass.
  • Add all the ingredients and mix well.
  • Line small tart tins with pastry and fill with chestnut mixture.
  • Decorate with pastry strips over the filling.
  • Bake in a hot oven for 20-30 minutes.