The Chinese army is developing super-new-generation “magnetised plasma” guns. Lethal on targets up to 100 kilometers away and that would be able to fire shots traveling at Mach 6 speeds. This is why the Chinese People’s Army calls this new type of artillery a “weapon of the end of the world”.

According to the Chinese press, the PLA would have developed and would be starting to test magnetised plasma artillery pieces, a technology that sounds like sci-fi only but that has rudiments of reality, and will work alongside to the new weapons that use laser energy and to missiles that travel at hypersonic speed.

china end of world weaponThe Academy of Armored Forces Engineering of the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) has in fact filed a patent concerning a cannon that foresees the use of a magnetic material that covers the barrel of the artillery piece and the presence of a connected generator that produces a magnetic field within itself.

When the ammunition is fired, the gas inside the barrel would then be partially ionised in the plasma by very high pressure and heat, this plasma would form a sort of “sheath” of about a millimeter on the inner wall of the barrel due to the magnetic field, according to the specifications of the patent, allowing the projectile to reduce friction and allowing the shot to reach an initial speed of six times the speed of sound. 

The project aims to convert a part of conventional artillery, including field guns and artillery pieces mounted on the tanks, with these new cannons, to dramatically increase the lethality of the earthly forces that could strike targets deployed with a speed never seen before also at an impressive distance. Currently, in fact, no American cannon, not even the new generation of Extended Range Cannon Artillery (Erca) artillery pieces or the new Excalibur 1B ammunition fired from 155mm pieces can exceed 70 kilometers. 

Chinese military analysts have stated that this type of technology could tightly increase the reach of self-propelled 155-millimeter howitzers, and could soon extend their reach to 50 kilometers and then 100, as expected. At the same time the Chinese would also be testing electromagnetic guns capable of accelerating ammunition up to Mach 7, but these apparatuses require power systems too large to be moved to the battlefield, so they will be destined for the warships that are already testing them in offshore. Chinese military technology, if really able to achieve the mentioned results, should start to seriously worry the United States.