When one says a celestial vision. With its glow in the clouds on the coast of Agropoli, a small town on the Amalfi Coast, a man has captured what looked like the image of Jesus Christ illuminated in the sky, with his arms open during the sunset.

The image, now viral on the web, shows the golden rays of the sun descend on the Tyrrhenian Sea to form the shape of the religious figure through a gash in the clouds.

christ sea amalfi coast

“As soon as I saw this luminous image, I felt the great need to take it and share it. I immediately recognised it as the image of Christ the Redeemer, with open arms as iHe wanted to bless the whole city of Agropoli,” said Alfredo Lo Brutto, author of the shot. The image was taken from Piazza Sanseverino in his hometown. The man not used to post on social media, felt he had to share this extraordinary vision on the sea with everyone. “When I took it, I immediately felt that I wanted other people to see it because it was so beautiful,” he added.

Sharing the image on his Facebook page, Lo Brutto called it “The Christ of light in the sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgropoli”. The image that seems to depict Christ has been around the world on the web, attracting attention for its particularity, especially to those who have noticed that its appearance took place a few days before Lent, the period of 40 days that leads to Easter, which begins today with Ash Wednesday.

The figure in the photo of Lo Brutto seems to resemble the statue of the famous Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I was enchanted. After this intense experience and the strong feelings I felt, I can say that I have an even greater religious faith”, concluded Lo Brutto.