The conditions of a competitor who was the victim of an accident during the “game of the rollers” during the recording of Ciao Darwin, the program conducted by Paolo Bonolis on Canale 5, would be serious.

The incident – in reality double, there would also be another competitor who was hurt much less seriously – happened during a recording of the programme around 2 weeks ago and investigations are underway. To tell about the health conditions of Gabriele, 54, admitted to intensive care at the Policlinico Umberto I in Rome, is his cousin, Stefano Ambrosetti.

“According to what was reported by the doctors – he told Il – Gabriele reported the crushing of two vertebrae, with a bone marrow lesion that compressed his chest, preventing him from breathing. The operation was perfectly successful, but from the moment of the fall up to now, he has been paralysed from the neck down. Gabriele is alert and conscious but cannot move. His conditions are critical.

The incident occurred during the challenge of the rollers, the final part of the ‘Genodrome’ trial introduced starting from the sixth edition of Ciao Darwin (we are now at the eighth). The game consists of an obstacle course that involves climbing steep walls, coming down from slides, crossing small lakes, jumping over loose rocks while you are hit by a jet of water, until the end of the race on the rotating rollers, trying not to end up in water. The test – even if there is still no certainty – could also be eliminated from the transmission to avoid further injuries.