“Meghan Markle as Diana “, George Clooney defends the Duchess of Sussex by the sword. According to him, he is being bullied by the British media, just as happened in the past to Lady D. “She is a seven month pregnant woman and is persecuted and defamed. History repeats itself, and unfortunately we all know how it all ended up, “said the American actor to Who magazine.

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The outpouring of the Hollywood star comes after the publication in the Daily Mail of the letter that Meghan wrote to her father Thomas Markle to explain to him how she felt because of his interviews and continuous attacks. Clooney, a close friend of Prince Harry and his wife, has taken on the defense of the Duchess of Sussex, emphasising how frustrating it can be for her to face such events. And he continued pointing the finger at the British press, guilty of subjecting the woman to what he calls a veritable “wave of abuse and harassment”.

According to Clooney, the media attacks of which Meghan would be a victim are the mirror of what had been in the past by Princess Diana, mother of Harry and William, who died tragically in a car accident in 1997, just as he was fleeing from the paparazzi.