The Aramco oil company in Saudi Arabia, Aramco, was forced to apologise for using one of its employees as human support for a hand sanitiser dispenser.

The photos of one of his employees wearing a sort of box with a hand sanitiser  attached, and a face mask, began to circulate on social media , provoking strong criticism.

The intentions, in truth, perhaps wanted to be good: it can be conceded that it is an easy way to circulate disinfectant (a very rare commodity these days) in the company, and allows someone to check that employees actually clean your hands thoroughly. The box, however ridiculous, allows you to avoid direct contact between the employee who carries the disinfectant around and those who use it.

But there is no denying that the image is decidedly strange and many felt offended by the photos, which sparked accusations of dehumanisation of workers and raised questions about the company’s treatment of foreign workers, a theme that often raises big controversy in the country. The criticisms forced Aramco to present public apologies through its Arab Twitter channel, adding that the initiative was organised without his approval.