When in need to lose weight many of us feel demotivated… nothing better to motivate yourself than to get paid to lose weight! So to encourage employees to take care of their physical form, a Chinese company has introduced cash prizes for those who lose weight: 100 yuan (about €15) for every kilogram they lose.

The idea came to Wang Xuebao, director of Xian Jingtian Investment Consulting, who realised that both he and his collaborators had an excessively sedentary life, always behind the desk, and their health was suffering. It is not just a problem of Wang’s company: with the standard of living that is getting closer to that of rich countries, the country is now starting to face the emergencies they face, and obesity starts to be one of these.


I was worried because our employees are almost always sitting in the office, and nobody – myself included – moves a lot, and so we are overweight. Through this incentive for weight loss we can develop a healthier culture and create healthy competition,” Wang explained to journalists.

The initiative seems to be working well, and since March (when it started) more than half of the employees have lost weight, dedicating themselves to physical activities but also taking greater care of nutrition. A young employee lost 20 kg in three months, taking home a prize of 2,000 yuan, equivalent to just under €300. “Today I ate fried eggs and mushrooms. Before I would have eaten meat at every meal,” he said.

Wang admits that the success of the idea has exceeded expectations, but does not deny having a small gripe: he has not yet managed to earn the bonus that he himself has created, not having lost weight yet.