The infernal heat of these days is putting a strain on the European population. Not just physically. If a few days ago, the news of the man who completely closed himself naked in a fridge of the frozen department of a supermarket in North Rhine-Westphalia made headlines… another photo is unleashing social media users.

Posted on Twitter by the Brandenburg police, the image shows a gentleman aboard his scooter with a helmet and sandals. And nothing else. The man was stopped in the district of Märkisch-Oderland; when asked why he was completely undressed, he replied: “It’s very hot, isn’t it?”

The agents simply took his personal details, asking him to wear pants. The police then published two photos of the pixelated driver. “What caption for this photo?” The question addressed to followers.

As expected, the answers were hilarious: “I wanted to get into the car wash for a moment” or “maybe he likes fried eggs”. Basically – we read later in an answer to a user’s question – “nudity or naked driving are not prohibited but if other people feel disturbed by this, an administrative offense can occur “but” it is not a criminal offense”.