The “healed woman” is still very angry. “We might be ignorant, but someone has blown the fire of our ignorance.”

After the death of Adriano Trevisan, the first Italian death that had coronavirus as its cause, she was immediately subjected to the swab. “I did it not so much for myself, but for those of Vo ‘Euganeo that I was around. They looked at me as if I had spit the virus into coffee. Don’t worry, I said to my friends, not symptoms, it will be negative.”

Instead, positive… “The doctors told me immediately: we hospitalise her, for scruple.” On Monday morning, she returned home, in trustee home isolation. In short, the 14-day quarantine. Her stay lasted little, barely a day and a half. Just enough to make this 47-year-old woman the object of attention, as she in turn was the first person discharged after a diagnosis that assigned her a Covid-19 virus infection. And to embitter her further, if possible.

“I’m just a person who went home, as many others will soon do. Let’s wake up guys, we’re hurting ourselves. “

What did the doctors say?
“The elderly must be more careful, the others take care not to step on their feet, to keep their distance.”

Have you ever been afraid?

“About what? It’s a flu, you don’t die if you’re not already sick. It seems to me that we have all become fools.”

What remains impressed?

“Look, I’m old-fashioned and I’m not on Facebook. But sometimes I use it for my business. And I went on it whilst I was in hospital and something caught my attention”.

And so?
“I was struck by the video of a gentleman in a mask. He seemed panicked, he said that we will all become infected …”

Why did it impress you?
“At some point he took off his mask. And he said he was a cancer patient, who had a month to live. We, he said, go away in general indifference, “without breaking the c … to anyone”, while you are going crazy about this thing here. But aren’t you ashamed? He wondered. In my opinion, he’s right. We should be a little ashamed.”

How did you spend the hospitalisation period?
“I only took off my shoes to sleep. Just imagine, I fell asleep with jeans on. I was fine, I was only annoyed, but calm.”

What treatment did you receive?
“Nothing much! I was positive, but without even a line of fever. As soon as I got there they put me on a drip of liquid sugar. As a precaution, they said.”

Then nothing more?
“I gave myself the only medicine. I had a headache, and I asked if I could take a ‘Moment’ tablet that I had in my bag. That’s it. Do you want the truth?”

Of course!
“If poor Adriano hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have known I was positive. And like me, many others. I don’t think anything would have changed.”

Now don’t you think you’re exaggerating the other way?
“Of course not! When they discharged me, the doctors told me to stay indoors, and in case of fever, take Tachipirina. In short, to manage it alone, and to call only in case of very high fever. Many criticise them too, but do they seem alarmist to you?”

Are you at least be happy to be the first Vo ‘Euganeo to come home?
“For goodness sake! But I only tested positive for coronavirus. I read everywhere on the Internet that I would be cured when I was never sick. Unless we want to be influenced, as we all did at the beginning.”

Do you think something is changing in the perception of this virus?
“I hope so. We are getting there, it seems to me. The doctors told me that they only try to limit the number of infected people. The rest is not their responsibility. Someone will have to wonder if it was worth unleashing this mess for a flu virus.”

How are you?
“Very good. To think that in the past 2-3 years I have always had an annoying cough. This year I miss that. I do the quarantine and then I go back to work, at least I hope.”

Do you fear economic damage to your business?
“At first, and for a couple of months, I will have many. If people do not reason with their heads and let themselves be guided like a flock, it is inevitable. But then they will tire of going to another country. When the time comes, things will return to normal. Even if we don’t deserve it.”