It is another day of negative records for Italy that faces the coronavirus emergency. There are 793 deaths recorded in a single day: it is the greatest increase since the beginning of the emergency. Of these 546 occurred in Lombardy . Yesterday, the total increase had been 627 deaths. In total, 4,825 people died from the start of the pandemic and almost 54,000 (53,578) were infected. There are currently 42,681 patients, an increase of 4,821 compared to yesterday. To date, 6,072 people recovered, 943 more than yesterday.

Image: Claudio Furlan – LaPresse

In Lombardy, ‚Äúthere are 25,515 positive patients, 3,251 more than yesterday, 8,258 hospitalized, an increase of 523, to which must be added 1,093 people hospitalized in intensive care, with less and less capacious spaces, while the deaths there are 3,095, 546 more “. These are the numbers announced by the Lombardy Region Welfare Councilor Giulio Gallera in the daily update.

“All the experts,” said Gallera, “had told us that the hardest days would have been Saturday and Sunday or the thirteenth and fourteenth days since the introduction of the effective containment measure and, alas, the experts were right, given that the data are all growing strongly . ” The death toll with 546 deaths in one day is the highest in Lombardy so far .

The provinces most affected remain those of Bergamo and Brescia. In the first there are 5869 infected, 715 more than yesterday, while in Brescia there are 5028, an increase of 380. In Cremona they are 2733, 341 more than yesterday, in the Lodi area 1693, an increase of 96, a sign that the road to closure, as implemented in the red zone of the lower Lodi area, “it is the main road”. The numbers are also growing in the province of Monza Brianza , more than 268 compared to yesterday. In the metropolitan city of Milan the positives are 4672, 868 more than yesterday, 1829 only in the city of Milan, up 279 on yesterday. “A high figure, but lower than that of the last few days” commented ifmpre Gallera. “In Milan, the voice from the emergency rooms highlights the stability of these hours,” he said confidently that “the data are starting to decline between tomorrow and Monday.”