“Keep your distance even in the family” to reduce the risks related to the spread of Coronavirus. This was said by the extraordinary commissioner for the emergency Angelo Borrelli.

“We all have to make a sacrifice in this period, the main rule is to keep our distance even in the family. I have allowed myself to set rules at home too, I think it is in the interest of each of us,” said Borrelli, who then he answered those who asked him on what occasions it is allowed to leave the house.

“It is clear that the evaluations will also be adequate by the law enforcement agencies, but if the rule is not to go out or leave the bare necessities you must have a valid reason. Taking the dog to do the needs in my opinion is a valid motivation, but it is important to avoid gatherings. I also realise that there is promiscuity and closeness in the family and that there is a tendency to lower protective barriers, but a little healthy prudence does not harm anyone “.