Another three cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed, bringing the total up to 12. All of the cases are reported to be imported, and there have as yet been no local transmission of the virus.

Charmaine Gauci said the first case was of a 45-year-old Maltese man who flew in from Munich on 7 March. He developed symptoms on 11 March. The man is in good condition. His family members are also in quarantine but are not showing symptoms. Gauci said the man is self-employed and had no significant contact with others.

Two more cases were confirmed during the night. The first is a 40-year-old Italian who lives in Malta who on the 29th of February went to Paris, returning on the 6th of March. On the 10th of March he started feeling symptoms of fever and coughing. He tested positive after being swabbed. The man works online with no contact with people at the workplace. He had casual contact with two people who are in quarantine and are being tested.

The third case is a 30-year-old Maltese woman who is a healthcare worker. She went to Brussels on the 5th of March and returned on the 9th of March. Symptoms developed on the 11th of March. The woman attended some social events and the authorities are doing contact tracing. None of her family members are showing any symptoms. The woman went to work on the 10th of March. The risk is minimal but all precautions were taken and a risk assessment was carried out this morning. Those who she came in contact with have been placed in quarantine as a precaution.

So far there is still no local transmission of the virus, Gauci stressed. She said that one of the first cases, a woman, has recovered. Gauci said more cases are to be expected and the authorities are evaluating the situation locally and abroad.