Newly confirmed sixth case of coronavirus in Malta. This time is Maltese.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that Malta has six patients with coronavirus. This time it is not a foreigner but a Maltese man. Like previous cases confirmed to date, according to the statement, the man in recent days was on holiday in North Italy.

Therefore, as in previous cases, the virus was imported from Italy and Malta itself is not transmitted. The man is in good health. The statement stressed that since he returned, the man followed the advice by health authorities and remained quarantined and did not go to work.

“The government continues to call for calm and responsibility because there is no cause for alarm or panic in our country, as the person has been infected while in Italy,” insisted the statement .

In recent days, a 12-year-old girl and her parents, Italian but residents in Malta, resulted in the positive. Soon after, also proved positive a man of 49 years and his daughter. Even they are not Maltese but live here.