Malta has managed to control the big wave of cases which have overwhelmed many cities in the world. The success is owed to the people’s sacrifices, especially elderly and vulnerable persons, the business community, and front-liners.

Our country entered this pandemic in a studied manner and will exit this challenge in a studied manner. Just like it neither introduced restrictive measures too early or too late, the removal of restrictive measures will be introduced without delaying and without being too hasty.

After three weeks ago the first set of restrictive measures were removed in order for our country to continue returning to normality, as from Friday the 22nd of May, the following changes will be implemented:

  • The number of persons who can gather together in public places will rise from 4 to 6. Rules governing social distancing and against crowding must continue to be observed;
  • In the cultural sector, open-air cinemas will be allowed to reopen for those who wish to organise such activities;
  • Individual non-contact sports such as diving and tennis will be permitted;
  • Outdoors training for other sports will be permitted so long as the group is up to a maximum of 6 persons;
  • After direct consultation with our country’s bishops, funeral Masses will once again be permitted, with a limited number of people. The Curia will be announcing in which places these Masses will take place;
  • Restaurants will reopen, with tables up to a maximum of 6 people and with established distances in order to protect one group on a table from another. Restaurants which have outdoor facilities will preferably use these;
  • Hairdressers, barbers, nail technicians and beauticians will reopen, and must operate on an appointment basis and implement restrictions which safeguard employees and clients.

From next Friday as well, health services which had been suspended because of the Covid-19 pandemic will once

again resume. In the primary health sector, diabetes clinics will reopen. Heart disease clinics as well as baby clinics will also reopen, as well as a number of health centres. Mental health treatment in the community will also increase.

At Mater Dei, the number of outpatient appointments will also increase, as well as imaging, X-rays, MRIs, and ultrasounds. Non-urgent operations, such as those of orthopaedics, eye operations, and gynaecology will also increase.

The IVF service will reopen, and the partners of those giving birth will be permitted to be alongside them. After cervical cancer screening resumed, on Friday screening of the large intestine will also resume.