On the recommendation of the health authorities, with effect from Tuesday midnight, bars, restaurants (excluding takeaway services), gyms, band clubs, tombola halls, and other venues will be closed.

These new measures are part of the plan to control the spread of Covid-19 and for hospitals to keep up with the increase in Covid-19 patients. The plan is not having to deal with a wave of patients in one go, but for cases to be prolonged over a period that is extended.

aeroplane-aircraft-airplaneAPPEAL FOR THEM TO RETURN

An appeal was made for Maltese resident in Malta, and who are still abroad, to return as soon as possible. This appeal is also relevant for those foreigners who are in Malta, to return to their country. Health Authorities are nonetheless not envisaging a country-wide lock-down scenario, which will surely last a number of months, and leave considerable consequences. Therefore, the measures that are being announced are aimed so that this red button need not be pressed, at least not for now.


The fine for those caught breaching obligatory quarantine will increase from €1000 to €3000. The fine will be imposed every time a person is caught breaching quarantine. Since inspections began, 5 persons have been caught breaching obligatory quarantine. Up till now, police have conducted 402 inspections, 115 of which in the last 24 hours. No one should be egoistic towards one another in these circumstances. Everyone needs to be responsible and everyone needs to cooperate in all that is requested of them.


In the last hours, 9 new Covid cases were reported. Of these, 6 were imported cases, and a further 3 cases of local transmission. There are now 30 cases in all. Two patients have since recovered from this virus, whilst 28 cases remain active. All patients are stable and in good condition of health, so much so that they could have been discharged to undergo obligatory quarantine. Instead, they are being kept in isolation in health facilities.


Two of the cases involve healthcare workers who were already in quarantine following contact with another healthcare worker who tested positive for Covid-19 after returning to Malta from abroad. The two healthcare workers, a man and a woman, had minimal contact with patients. The third case also involves a healthcare worker. It is not clear if the person contracted the virus from her Italian partner (who was likewise abroad), or else from her colleague who was also confirmed to have Covid-19. One of the patients is from Gozo, but the virus was transmitted in Malta. The patient was returned to Malta and is in isolation.


Imported cases involve a 56 year-old Maltese person who returned from England, a 15 year-old Spanish student who was going back to his country, a 49 year-old Italian woman whose husband was abroad but who remained in quarantine in their home upon his return to Malta; and a 32 year-old English man resident in Malta who returned from England and who also underwent voluntary quarantine upon arrival in Malta.

There is also a 19 year-old Maltese man (who returned from Dublin), and another 34 year-old person who were being monitored by the health authorities since they were in contact with persons who have tested positive for coronavirus. Health authorities said that contact tracing of persons who might have been in contact with others who contracted Covid-19 is leaving positive results

mobile phone competitionHELPLINES

111 – For those who feel symptoms of COVID-19 or who wish further information

+356 2204 2200 – For Maltese residents who were caught in one of the high-risk
countries and wish to return to Malta

+356 21411 411 – For those in mandatory quarantine who require provisions of
food and medicine

25981000 – For those who have questions about the educational sector and the
impact of the coronavirus

21692447– For hoteliers and tourists who have questions about the
announced measures.

25903030 – For elderly persons bereft of support who need medicines, ready-made
meals or food products (fruit and vegetables).

Source: Covid-19 Info Page Bullettin