The list of shops and services which have to close as from Monday at 8am, due to the COVID-19 situation has been published. The closure of the shops was announced earlier in the day by Health Minister Chris Fearne.

Shops which have to close are those whose main business relate to the sale of clothing, sportswear, jewellery, handbags and leather goods, costume jewellery and accessories, footwear, non-prescription eyewear, perfumeries, beauty products, haberdasheries, soft furnishings, household appliances, souvenirs, discounted items, luggage, toys, hobbies, furniture, florists and vaping.

The decision covers shops whether operating in shopping malls and/or elsewhere. They may still sell and provide delivery services of their products in the community.

Other outlets providing non-essential services which also have to close are hairdressers, barbers, beauticians, spas, nail artists, nail technicians and tattooists.

Any shops or outlets not obeying the order will be faced with a €3,000 fine.