Today’s press conference, the daily appointment which has become the new normal.

Today’s update gives 10 new confirmed cases, one of which is unfortunately in critical condition and being treated in ITU. Watch below:

Professor Charmaine Gauci confirmed that 10 new cases of COVID-19 were found in our country yesterday and today. She said that of these, there were 6 related to travel, and 4 related to local transmission.

The first case is a 72-year-old who was admitted to the hospital on March 26th with symptoms, but tested negative. Two days later he was retested and tested positive for COVID-19. The man suffers from pneumonia, and has a relative of his who already had Coronavirus.

Another case is of a 59-year-old man who came back from England, who was quarantined and the case is containted. There is also a 30-year-old Maltese living abroad, who returned from France on March 13th. He felt the symptoms on March 24, and now contact tracing is taking place.

The other three cases stemming from a trip are of a whole family of three Filipinos, a woman of 40, and two men of 41 and 47 years. They live in Malta and returned on March 13th.

There were also four cases of local transmission. Among them is a 34-year-old Maltese healthcare worker who suffered from symptoms on March 26th. Another case is another 36-year-old Maltese, who is the partner of a person who has had the virus, and is not related to travel. Symptoms were felt on March 22nd.

The last two cases are of two Indian persons, aged 36 and 31. They were living with another person who had the same virus, and felt the symptoms on March 23rd and 25th respectively.