A Maltese woman has died from coronavirus. Rosalie Freestone-Bayes, 77, had diabetes and high blood pressure but was otherwise healthy.

Rosalie is Frank Portelli’s sister. Frank Portelli is a former president of the Nationalist Party.

“She did not have any serious medical conditions and I strongly suspect she contracted the virus when she went to the hospital for some heart-related tests and it just tipped her over,” he told Times of Malta.

Image: T.o.M

“Let this serve as a lesson that people who are over 60 years old and have any slight medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, it can kill, as it did to my sister,” he said.

Frank Portelli has been warning about the virus on Facebook. Many did not approve but he still continued to address his followers with information.

Portelli said he last spoke to his sister via messaging around six days ago, before she was sedated and eventually in a coma. “The last thing she told me was that she loved us dearly,” Portelli said.

“We really need to take this seriously. The virus does not look at who the person is. It just attacks in the person’s weakest points. It attacked people like UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston and Prince Charles so it can attack anyone. No one is invincible.”

Portelli, a doctor by profession, said that tests so far have found that people with high blood pressure are more prone to contracting the virus. Men and those who smoke are also vulnerable.

“Apart from my sister, I know of another two Maltese who died after contracting COVID-19. A 66-year-old woman who was my sister’s friend and who died in a London hospital too and a man who died in Spain. This virus is not forgiving, and we cannot underestimate it,” he stressed.

He said that the Maltese need to take it seriously as “it’s getting out of hand”. He said he was deeply concerned that infected people were being kept in different places such as Mater Dei, Mount Carmel Hospital, St Thomas Hospital, Boffa and Hal Far open centre.

“They should all be in the same place if we want to control it. Otherwise, it’s going to get out of hand and we cannot afford it. God forbid it manages to find its way into an old people’s home because we’d have lots of deaths,” he said.

Source: Times of Malta