The ‘Tocilizumab’, the drug produced by the pharmaceutical company Roche to treat rheumatoid arthritis, but which has been found to be able to reduce the lung problems of the Coronavirus-affected individuals.

The Tuscany Region has in fact decided to accept the offer that the CEO of Roche has addressed to all the Regions that want to receive this medical device free of charge which has no effect on the virus but which alleviates the damage it is capable of causing.

The president of the Tuscany Region, Enrico Rossi, and the regional councilor for the right to health, Stefania Saccardi, wanted to thank the company for the demonstrated availability and for the free supply. Now will be the Estar, the body that ensures supplies to the entire regional health system, to turn to Roche to request the necessary quantities of the drug intended to be administered to the most serious subjects and with serious lung problems.

The ‘Tocilizumab’ is in fact a monoclonal antibody, that is a protein modified in the laboratory to act against IL6, another protein produced by the immune system in the most serious phase of infection and harmful to the respiratory system. Finally, the President and Councilor underline how, also thanks to the generosity of the pharmaceutical company, the many health professionals who are working to cope with the virus these days,