The reopening of schools “is not associated with a significant increase” in coronavirus infections. This is clarified by the  European Center for Disease Control in a document dedicated to the upcoming school reopening. Meanwhile, the WHO warns about a possible rise in infections: “The second wave in Europe was inevitable. This virus is not seasonal but has shown that if the pressure is released, the pressure returns”.

Ecdc: “In schools more difficult to find outbreaks due to lack of symptoms in children”

The document of the European Center for Disease Control underlines how in general the prevalence of the virus is slightly lower under 18 years. “Even if there are very few documented outbreaks in schools – underlines the ECDC -, these are still possible, and could be more difficult to find due to the relative lack of symptoms in children”.

“Close schools? Decision to be taken only in conjunction with other measures”

The eventual decision to close schools, experts say, must be taken together with other limitations in the communities. “The available evidence indicates that the closure of educational institutions is unlikely to be effective as the only control measure – the ECDC experts write again -, and these closures are unlikely to provide additional protection to children’s health, considering that most develops a very light form of Covid-19. Decisions on this should be linked with other distancing measures adopted in the communities “.

School bus: journey less than 15 minutes

In the meantime, from the “guidelines for dedicated school transport” drawn up by the Italian government in the last Dpcm signed by Prime Minister Conte, it emerges that school buses will be able to travel with the maximum capacity allowed “in the event that the stay of the pupils in the vehicle is not longer. 15 minutes “. The exception to the distance of one meter is also allowed “in the event that the vertical alignment of the pupils on single seats is possible and the so-called face-to-face positioning is excluded”. In all other cases, the protocol points out, the distance of one meter must be respected. All students, with the exception of those under the age of six and those with disabilities, must wear a mask “when boarding the vehicle”.