Janine and Philip did not want to give up their wedding and in order to celebrate it, despite the coronavirus, they chose to celebrate it in a drive-in cinema . It happened in Germany, in Dusseldorf. No relatives connected by video call but comfortably seated in the car, following the ceremony. Like in the cinema. Lots of colourful flowers, a few balloons and a red carpet waiting for the bride.

“Such measures are the norm these days,” said the newlyweds. “With the suspension of ceremonies in public offices, we had no alternative to get married. We therefore tried to make the most of this day. We are happy that it went like this”.

Janine and Philippe, in formal dress, complete with personalised masks, met the mayor on an elevated park. Protected by a plastic partition, they pronounced their yes in front of thirty cars which after the fateful yes honked their horns in celebration. No rice then, but so many horns and soap bubbles that someone blew out of the windows. Thus it was possible to respect the measures for social distancing.

Two other couples got married with Janine and Philippe, without having to give up the presence of the closest loved ones. In times of coronavirus, in Germany, drive-in cinemas have become a viable alternative for not giving up on weddings, birthdays and theatrical performances.